A dear, bighearted woman, Lisa, inspired me to open up to the amount of healing that can be done by a caring and experienced coach.  It does not have to take years to heal!…

Lisa was abandoned by her mother when she was two years old.

You can only you imagine the devastation of a baby crying for mommy… a mommy that never comes any more.

Her  pain was so deep that her conscious brain could not handle it.

So that little Lisa could survive the enormous amount of energy around being abandoned was compressed into an energy block that sank into the part of the mind that was not conscious.

However, this block is not lying there like an inert rock. The compressed content of that block can be activated anytime, by something that says or does something that stirs up the old wound.

In very painful or shocking moments in our lives we make decisions that are not true, or only partially true sometimes.  Those decisions become beliefs that control many emotions and actions.  We seem to repeat the same disempowering behaviors without consciously noticing it.

For Lisa this truth was “I’m not worthy of love.”

It took time for Lisa to warm up to me, (after all,  I’m a woman and her mother abandoned her). When she trusted me she told  me her deepest desires and dreams, and the challenges she had in her life.

Clearly her belief,  “I’m not worthy of love”,  greatly influenced Lisa’s life.

In fact, she has been  abandoned by several people, every one of them confirming that she was not worthy of love.

When Lisa allowed in the experience that she was loved by many people, she started to discover she actually was a loving, talented woman.  Since then she has become  a successful writer.

She felt worthy of love, and all the energy and intelligence became available for her to reach her vision. Her confidence increased exponentially both in business and  in the intimacy departments.

In my 30+ years of helping people, I have seen that after releasing a block and the relative beliefs compressed in it, lots of energy, much more than you had thought, becomes available to you.

Your vision expands greatly…

You understand why your life has been the way it has,

and you focus more completely on the truth of who you are.

You can’t wait to update the disempowering beliefs and

focus your freed up  energy on what best serves your  life.

This wider vision allows you to see how this change affects

all the people you know.

Are you ready to release the blocks holding YOU back?