Are you worried that your connection with the partner you love has gotten stale ?

Is your marriage full of love, but has lost all its pizzazz?

Do you feel more like roommates than lovers?

You are not alone.

Many couples are like my clients Gary and Marie,  who had been married for a long time when they came to me for help, and still were very emotionally connected. 

They told me, “We are very happy, but we no longer have the passion we originally had.  We are best friends, confidants, amazing room-mates, but no longer lovers.” 

“It’s sad, because we so enjoyed having sex together when we met and a couple of years after that”, said Marie.   After she had her first child, all her attention when to mothering and Gary was doing his supporting role as a father perfectly.  But their lives became all about their child, and their passion for each other took a back seat.

Another couple, Lynn and Andrew, said that they like everything the other likes: they have the  same friends, enjoy the  same food, the same music, the same books … They could even finish each other’s sentences.  They felt like best friends, with plenty of affection and trust, but just no passionate spark. There was no newness and diversity in the relationship.

Lately they had been feeling like they wanted more than a friendship and they came to see me.

They came to understand that sexual energy is generated by chemistry.

Lynn had a very demanding job that required of her focus and immediate execution to succeed. She had to be so much in her “masculine” at work, that she did not know how to shift to her feminine mode when she came home.  Instead, she continued the work by cooking for them, and then cleaning up fast so they could watch a movie.  He had a similar job and all they did when he came home was watch the news together and then share the happenings of the day.

Lynn and Andrew both wanted to express more erotic energy. So, I worked to teach them the 3 essential paradigms to re-awaken their sexuality together, bringing more feminine energy into their relationship to take them both out of business mode and back into the mood for love.

These same paradigms worked well also for Gary and Marie – in their case, they had to bring in more masculine energy to jump start their sexiness together.

And the same paradigms can work for you and your partner. You can rediscover the moments of timeless wonder, attraction, and passion you felt when you first met and fell in love.

Ready to bring back the excitement you used to feel with your partner?

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