Private Coaching

 NOTE: Carla will be away from August 7-13. She is available for appointments starting August 14th.

Individual attention is the best way to focus on your own healing and find a way to move forward with your life. Many have described Carla’s sessions as life altering and deeply effective. Carla Tara offers private coaching in a wide range of areas dealing with intimacy:

Building trust in a new relationship
Keeping romance during parenthood
Returning to sex after giving birth
Rekindling love life in a long term relationship/marriage
Midlife effects on relationships
Rebuilding trust after adultery
Rediscovering your own sexuality
Communication issues
Enhancing love life when living with sexual dysfunction:
Difficulty achieving Orgasm (women & men)
Releasing mental, emotional & spiritual blocks to having a satisfying love life at any age.
Effective techniques to spice up your love life!


Individual Coaching
$350 / 1-hour
$500 / 1 1/2-hour (90 minutes)
$675 / 2-hours
$900 / 3 hours
$1150 / 4 hours

Full day intensive session $2200.
Two full days of intense coaching $3,850

Couple’s Coaching
$475 / 1-hour
$700 / 1 1/2-hour session (90 minutes)
$850 / 2 hour session
$1200 / 3 hour session
$1550 / 4 hour session

Full day intensive session $3000
2 full days of intense Tantric coaching $4800
**Please call to discuss your customized session.

Phone Consultation $250 / hour
Office Consultation $225 / hour (couples only)

Carla’s Location for Private Sessions:

Carla offers her one-on-one private sessions in New York, in her temple in Maui, and occasionally travels to major cities in the country.

Please contact us at (917) 513-2500 to schedule your appointment with Carla.