I remember how insecure I was when I was in my teen-age years.  I thought I had to look perfect and I was far from it.  When I looked in the mirror I noticed only what in my opinion was far from perfect:

My nose was too long, my cheek bones too high, my breast did not look anything like Sophia Loren’s, my model of beauty and passion early in life.

Now, I feel more passionate about life and I start to see the perfection of my body even if my skin is not as tight and smooth as it was.   I look at the changes that aging produces with tenderness instead of with horror.  Gratitude is now replacing resentment.

This change of life did not happen suddenly.  It took several steps to get prepared for it.

I found these steps essential to achieve permanent results.

  1. Listen to your needs for safety, belonging, connecting and being noticed. Those are the need of every human.
  2. Then create the habit to communicate those needs appropriately to the people you love. This is the life blood of your relationship to yourself and to others.
  3. Allow all parts of yourself to emerge. Some parts of you might have been closed off in the past. For instance, if you were repeatedly scolded as a child for wanting something you needed, you might have decided to give up asking for what you want. The scolding scared you and the flowing energy concentrated into a block.
  4. With focused awareness and warmth, you now allow the hidden parts to merge into the ONE Real You — the essence of who you are. The new awareness shines on the physical, the emotional and the spiritual parts of you.  The trapped energy that was holding you back transmutes into passion for life.

Once you’ve integrated your abandoned parts you can live a fulfilling life. You will better love who you are and have all the energy available to accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

Focusing on this, you can break limitations that might have held you back: the sky is the limit!

Your abandoned parts were hiding the treasure of your talents. Now that you see and love them, they can give you the relaxed confidence you need to achieve your vision.

As your coach, I can guide and support you through this process of discovery.