“The time spent with Carla was well worth every minute and my trip to New York. She is intuitive and also has amazing skills/knowhow/experience; I received deep healing and was able to regain my connectedness with my body. It feels good to be solidly in my body again, and that is what Carla’s special technique, the “Ocean Breath,” does for me. I am still experiencing the effects of being grounded, and more aware of my physical body since returning home 2 days ago. Carla’s words, “Let Life breathe you..”, and her Ocean Breath technique, are to me, one of the most effective to help me relax and stay in the present. I have received good support from many therapists and energy workers for my PTSD and am a Yoga practitioner for more than 5 years; but the powerful techniques she shared with me got me in touch with the heavy emotions I held without being pulled into a downward spiral. Through Carla’s compassion but also deep understanding, I was able to release many of my blocks that would otherwise have taken me much longer, and more suffering to open up . Thank you so much, I have never felt more free, light and pure in my own body. I have regained hope that my world can become better – priceless.”