Do you feel emotionally distant and disconnected from your partner?

Is there a wall between you and it seems like nothing can break it down?

Are you tired of looking at your husband or wife like a stranger?

It’s a danger waiting for any couple after a few years together. The rush of excitement wears off, day-to-day life settles in, and you stop seeing the joy and love in each other’s eyes. For some couples, this is the end, and they drift apart into divorce or a break-up.

You don’t have to be like them. You can find that love connection again!

Let me share the story of two clients just like you, a couple named Lori & Joh.

In our first coaching session, Lori said that when they first got married, it was unimaginable to her that she and John would ever feel emotionally apart from each other. They were so connected, so close, so at one with each other that they thought nothing could ever change that.

But as time went by, slowly they started seeing imperfections in each other.  The relationship was no longer “perfect.” Lori  started building resentment and she accused John of having changed.  And of course, John pointed his finger back to her, no longer his perfect princess he had married.

When their relationship began, they couldn’t wait to tell each other every little thing – there were no secrets. Yet soon after a couple of not properly addressed resentments, they started holding back secrets from each other as well.

One of the first signs of distancing for Lori was when she started turning her head away from her lover when he wanted to kiss her . Lori and John did not know how to address this without causing each other more pain, and slowly the emotional distance between them hardened into a wall.

They had become strangers to each other.

Does this sound familiar? Do you feel like you and your partner are closed off, treating each other like strangers, even enemies at times?

It doesn’t have to be that way. And you can turn your relationship around, starting today.

A friend of Lori’s referred her to me and we started working together. In my coaching, ​Lori learned 3 strategies to melt the emotional blocks and demolish the wall between her and John.

Thrilled at the difference he saw after a couple of Lori’s sessions, John joined her in my coaching, and they both committed to practice  the 3 keys to an emotionally open and nourishing connection.

The keys worked.

Lori and John  are now closer than before. ​

They’ve learned how to eradicate the poisonous plant when still small to keep the flame of love burning with more intensity and passion than ever.

Are you ready to finally breaks down the walls in your relationship and get that love connection back?

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