Carla Tara New York Relationship Coach


We all want to be happy.

Great sex is fun, but for it to be deeply satisfying, you need to set the stage, and that requires self-knowledge and the ability to be fully there for the other person.

Having fully engaged relationships that you love brings happiness and enriches life.

The first step working with me is to get clarity about your real needs and desires. 

No matter what you want to change in yourself or your relationship, I can help you manifest this transformation.

Together we identify where you feel a block or lack in your life, what has been holding you back, and we design a plan of action to help you make the changes that will bring you to the fulfilling, satisfying relationship you crave.

Along the way, I will be the coaching voice that helps you stay present to your purpose, and keeps you moving forward towards your goal.

Carla Tara Relationship Coach New York City

Private Coaching

If you are ready for your relationship to be different, and you are committed to learning how to grow and change, private coaching with me is the fastest way to reach your desired results.

I do not have a cookie-cutter approach to my coaching – you are unique, with unique challenges, and your coaching sessions will be designed to match your needs. I combine ancient Tantra wisdom with modern psychotherapy and coaching technologies to help you transform your life and your relationship with satisfying, fulfilling connection and purpose.

New clients usually start with the 1-month package. We will meet in person if you live in New York City, otherwise we can use phone or Skype.

1-Month Coaching Package

Are you struggling with a persistent issue in your relationship or your life? One you have tried to solve several times with no success? Let’s create an action plan that brings you some quick, measurable relief.  A total of 4 private coaching sessions with email support in between.

3-Month Coaching Package

Designed for people who are seeking a comprehensive shift in their life and their relationship – with the time to focus on multiple areas you want to transform.  An initial 90-minute session to explore your goals and lay out an action plan, and then we will meet weekly for 60 minutes. A total of 12 private coaching sessions with email support in between.

1 Breakthrough Session

One 90-minute Breakthrough Session tailored to your specific needs. I can help you resolve a specific challenge, making a difficult decision, or getting clarity on an obstacle or block that is slowing your progress to where you want to be.

Next Step – Schedule A Complimentary Discovery Session 

I offer prospective new clients a free 20-minute session to see if we are a good fit. We will talk about your unique situation – your goals, your challenges, and how I can help you get the passionate relationship you want!