It was difficult to decide that I needed help. It worked out better than I thought.
Working with Carla opened my mind and my relationship has improved.
The coaching cleared up my the fear that I could never “be not good enough”.

testimonial for Carla Tara


I only have great things to say about working with Carla. She makes you feel very comfortable with her sensitivity and delicacy. The techniques shown by her work almost like magic. Definitely, what I learned with Carla I will carry for life.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Victoria, from B.C.

“ Carla is a very compassionate and helpful coach and she made me feel very comfortable talking about such a sensitive issue, after just one session! Do not hesitate to hire her!”

Loretta Jacobs, health coach

“Carla, before I found you, I had several sessions with a therapist trying to learn to ask for what I need and want in a way that I am heard by my husband. I was not impressed. I learned more in one session with you! I tried some of your techniques and they worked 🙂 I wish I had approached you before… It would have saved me lots of struggle.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Loise H

“I was touched. The deep knowledge I received was stunning. I came in dragging my feet and I left with a bouncing walk, smiling big. Through Carla’s guidance, I allowed myself to look at things in a more expansive way. That helped me see that I had choices about a very important intimacy issue in my life.”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“I do not know what happened at the session I had with you. Your energy was enfolding me with love so much that I did not worry about how I looked or what you thought of me. The techniques you used eradicated my shame so I could focus on my pleasure. Thank you for opening my mind and my heart.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Lori P, 35, business coach

“I am so grateful to have met you Carla. There are not many people in this world that I truly look up to and admire and i feel very fortunate to have met someone so wise, kind, loving and open.”

Alissa Cohen, life coach

“I’m thinking of you often. Thanks to what I’ve experienced in your program my self-love continues to blossom. Now when I’m looking at other women who lack confidence and settle for men who do not love them I feel sad for them.  Thank you for your great knowledge and wisdom!”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Nancy M

“Thank you for such an informative and cleansing workshop. I’m doing the Ocean Breath every day and the heart to head connection. Even my work is better because I’m less stressed. I feel so much more peace since I’ve taken the class. Thank you!”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Mary, architect

“Thanks for your heartfelt and powerful coaching today. I know it will make such a meaningful difference in my approach to rebuilding an intimate relationship with my wife. This is the beginning of a new fulfilling life with the woman I love!”


“I came because I was curious, not expecting much. Working with other coaches in the past, I’ve been disappointed many times, but I never gave up searching… I’m very happy to have found Carla because I felt her caring and amazing generosity. Her focused attention is rare. I understood stuff I did not even know how to ask about, that transformed my relationship. I finally know how to communicate to seduce him in a non-manipulative way, and now he loves giving me what I ask for, especially in sex.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Marilyn, MD – 40 years, feeling younger

“After 3 years of marriage we were both unhappy. I did not like my sexuality, and I did not know how to be present during sex. I was doing sex out of duty, and G. felt it. He also realized he needed intimacy, but we did not know how to make it happen. After the session, I felt understood … It was like a miracle feeling hopeful again! G. was stunned that he remembered the timelessness of the moment we looked into each other’s eyes when we met, and now he can’t wait to fulfill my wish to be nurtured and ‘seen’. This was the first time we ever did a Skype session with a coach, and we could not believe how powerfully impactful it was.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Gene and Mary

“Hi Carla. I just wanted to let you know that I am having the time of my life right now. I believe I have found my soul mate… and everything is clicking on all cylinders. The sex is amazing, the communication is amazing.. everything is what I have been looking for for a decade. She is simply the best woman I’ve ever met… you are the runner up of course :). I truly believe that the work we did prepared me for this moment.”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“One of the most enriching moments in the session for me was witnessing the spoken exchange between me and my husband. It gave me the courage to speak truth, both what I love about him and how I would feel even more loved. When he really received what I said it felt very supportive to me. He enjoyed it, too. His passionate kisses reflected that! The session opened up a higher love and we renewed our commitment to express our desires and feelings.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Jane, philosophy professor

Thank you so much for a great session. The most important breakthrough for me was realizing that setting up time for lovemaking is not selfish. Before I came to you, I thought it was being too structured, another thing to put on the list. Now I know that when I set aside that time, I can totally relax and just have fun with my husband. And now I understand that with a 7 year old baby, I need to put myself high on the list to recharge my batteries. You make me understand at the most basic level that to stay healthy and maintain a healthy relationship, I need time to nourish myself and my adult love for my husband.

testimonial for Carla Tara

Nicolette N

“Thank you for a great session. We went home right away and we practiced the techniques we learned. We had the sexiest evening ever. The connection we felt was unlike ever before. We will definitely want to continue learning from you. We felt very relaxed and really understood by you on a deep level.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Francine & Todd

“I can’t begin to tell you how much this visit has helped me. In a very short time, you were able to teach me how to be more open, accepting and able to receive pleasure. I think that you also gave me a gift that will last perhaps my whole life… as I really understood the ideas that you were communicating. Even a few days after we were together, I find myself living in a more patient and loving state. Thank you for helping me to find a more perfect balance in my life and opening my eyes to a way of experiencing life in a richer and more meaningful way.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Jeremy L, lawyer

“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed yesterday’s session! I feel like I really learned and grew a lot. Thank you for making me feel so free and open in our exchange, this makes such a difference in allowing me to feel/share my feelings and not feel shame in them. I really enjoyed learning that I can be like a container, full of my own safe energy without pouring it on to someone else. They can receive the overflow. But I can give unselfishly, not needing the other person (in a needy) way- more like experiencing the joy of togetherness and not the fear of lack of togetherness. I also learned to feel my feelings and see how this correlates with my breath. Breath allows me to not fight/suppress the feelings.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Cheryl, college professor

“The time spent with Carla was well worth every minute and my trip to New York. She is intuitive and also has amazing skills/knowhow/experience; I received deep healing and was able to regain my connectedness with my body. It feels good to be solidly in my body again, and that is what Carla’s special technique, the “Ocean Breath,” does for me. I am still experiencing the effects of being grounded, and more aware of my physical body since returning home 2 days ago. Carla’s words, “Let Life breathe you..”, and her Ocean Breath technique, are to me, one of the most effective to help me relax and stay in the present. I have received good support from many therapists and energy workers for my PTSD and am a Yoga practitioner for more than 5 years; but the powerful techniques she shared with me got me in touch with the heavy emotions I held without being pulled into a downward spiral. Through Carla’s compassion but also deep understanding, I was able to release many of my blocks that would otherwise have taken me much longer, and more suffering to open up . Thank you so much, I have never felt more free, light and pure in my own body. I have regained hope that my world can become better – priceless.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Lay P

“Carla coached me alone, and with my domestic partner. She was so amazing, we flew her to our town to give two group workshops for our friends. She is brilliant at analyzing interpersonal dynamics on the spot; and is able to provide immediate guidance for change, and practical suggestions for the future. She works with the whole gamut of relationship issues, from sex to communication to family issues. I would not hesitate to recommend her for anyone either wrestling with obstructions in their current relationships, or just seeking to push things to the next, more satisfying level.”

Marie M

“I just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary journey today. Lou seems much happier within himself and he is enjoying what has opened up for him in the session.We did not know what to expect, but I am so happy to have experienced YOU! Your gifts, openness and teaching are far beyond anything I could have imagined. We are excited to begin practicing everything you taught us. “

testimonial for Carla Tara

Jennifer & Lou

“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening.  What a loving way to celebrate my 50th!  I have to say that you are extremely skilled in relaxing defenses and getting us to so readily shed our armour, and look deeply into each others souls! You reminded me that our sexuality is natural and it is a joyful, giving and loving thing to share.  I was able to say things that were on my mind about receiving and giving pleasure and was able to listen to my husband better.
     Last night we lay in bed  with him spooning me and reverted to our real selves.  We gently made love that way; without pressure and just enjoying being connected.
     I feel we learnt so much with you.  I look forward to  our natural ease with one another continuing with whatever energy we may have at the time. Intimacy doesn’t have to be an all or nothing, super physical exerting act. Thank you again, and bless you. “

testimonial for Carla Tara

Andrea, 50, married

“Thank you for your laser-sharp focus on my issues. I’ve learned a lot and I feel more relaxed and powerful. Yes, I deserve to have a harmonious and hot relationship! Looking at the difficult issue from a new angle brings hope and courage to my heart. Thank you for listening, for being both a loving and tough coach, and for your uncanny ability to get right at the ‘heart’ of the matter.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Mary P

“Thank you for giving us insight into our bodies and our sensual being together. We were surprised how relaxed and safe we felt at the session. With your knowledge and experience, you disarmed our defenses completely and at the end there was only learning and joy. We will remember all the things you taught us, the fine areas of communication, from speaking, listening, acting, resting, touching and being touched and breathing that really works!!!”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Elka & Christian

“The characters in my play are street women from New Orleans who have relocated on the Upper West Side in 1980 and dealing with the problems of aging and a decreasing clientele, and money. Many of the insights I have into these characters come from knowing you. I have great compassion for the lives these women have led. You have shown me so much about the capacity for women to heal emotional and sexual problems, and I am blessed to be able to share some of what I have learned from you….”

testimonial for Carla Tara

David S, playwright

“The breathing you taught me has really shifted things in my body. What’s interesting is that when I breathe that way while masturbating I can’t think of anything twisted…only visions of being loved and cared for come to me. It’s quite beautiful and something I never expected from a simple breathing technique.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Kimberly H

“I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for your instruction. before working with you, I was primarily focused on improving my love life via Kama Sutra. Although the Kama Sutra has much to offer when it comes to lovemaking, your instruction enabled me to redirect my attention on what matters most, being able to connect with my lover through the heart. Now I’m confident in my ability to attract and keep a wonderful woman in my life.”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“I have been teaching this year and used the Ocean Breath you taught me with my own clients and with my special needs kids! They tend to get anxious about work or tests and the Ocean Breath helps that a lot.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Sonja A, tantrika & life coach

“Thank you so much for spending time with us and sharing your wisdom, passion and guidance. It was an incredibly inspiring experience and we learned so much from you.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Gayle & Steve

“It truly was a pleasure meeting you yesterday. I came angry at a relationship that does does not fulfill my needs, and I came out transformed in many ways and enthusiastic. I was seeing stuff I never saw before and now I know what to do about it.”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“My husband and I attended your full-day intensive workshop yesterday, and I wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed it. We found it incredibly helpful and liberating, and so much appreciate all your help and insights throughout the day. I was very touched by your energy and intuition.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Sheila & Pete

“Carla, I wanted to express how much I enjoyed your workshop last night. Your energy as well as the energy of the group left me excited and “orgasmic” about the personal journey of sensual and sexual fulfillment that I am on. Thanks!”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Michelle B

“Dear Carla, I enjoyed your coaching and most of all practicing the Ocean Breath. I love breath work and found this be so gentle and fluid. Not only did I feel free while doing the breath work, my body was in a state of total relaxation. I felt liberated while my body slowly opened up to receive love and inviting my sexual energy to be awakened safely. Namaste”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“Just a brief note to say thank you for your help. I learned a lot, and have my whole office staff doing the breathing for relaxation. You’re a great teacher and a delightful person.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Kate, MD

“I attended one of your training classes in San Francisco about 8 years ago. I was a single man and it was a gender balanced training. The impression you made on me has been indelible. I have carried with me what I felt and learned that day and have applied it in many areas of my life. “


“Upon hearing the Ocean Breath the first time I found myself completely transformed by those eight breaths. I never would have thought that something which seems so simple could have such a profound effect! I have not been in a relationship for several years and I was starting to wonder if I might have closed down aspects of myself. Those eight breaths awakened something in me and made me curious to know what else might be possible…”

testimonial for Carla Tara


“I want to express my gratitude for the exquisite, powerful work you are doing. The Ocean Breath you taught me is a Goddess-send. I can finally express from my sex center and from my heart center, not just from my head. After your session, I feel in touch with my power as a woman. Thank you so much.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Mary G

“How bold and wonderful we are and Carla, all of us in the workshop agreed, you stand out in the crowd with your authenticity, beauty, femininity, love and care.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Elaine S

“Thanks, Carla, for the amazing healing work that I received in our Skype session. I could not believe it could happen on the phone! It was amazing seeing your face showing all the expressions, not just a voice.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Gary S

“You have done more to provide us a healthy loving relationship than any other counselor ever could have.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Charles & Sandy S

“You brought new vitality to our relationship, and loads of information.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Ron & Gail M

“Your caring and intelligent humor, and professional grace helped us restore love and passion in our marriage…”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Mary and John C

“I wanted to thank you for all that you shared last weekend with our group. I’m not usually comfortable doing personal work like that around other people, and I’m still amazed, a week later, that I actually stayed the whole day and that is a testament to your warmth, your gracious style of teaching your sense of humor and wisdom. I’m so grateful that I was able to learn from you. The night of, and for several days afterwards, my body really felt at peace, in a way I’ve experienced very rarely in my life.”

testimonial for Carla Tara

Shelly C

Carla Tara with happy coaching client Flor

“We are all in relationships… with ourselves, with family, our lovers, our friends, and anyone we interact with. It’s up to us to enrich the relationships that are important to us…”

 ~ Carla’s coaching client, Flor Reyna

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