Loving yourself brings confidence

I’m glad we became an independent country and I’m grateful to those who gave their lives.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could piggyback on this celebration the joy of becoming independent from your critical voice who is robbing your energy by criticizing you mercilessly if you are not the best,  the smartest, the best looking, according to its opinion?  To create this independence you do not need to have a war and losing lives; it’s more subtle than that.  

This type of independence is from your own inner tyrant that is convinced we are separate from others. This tyrant is our own inner judgemental voice that often criticizes, complains and takes you away from the present moment where you can experience joy, instead of being up in the head wanting it to be different, “good enough” (for whom?) instead of happy.     

If you knew that somebody robs you of much of your life force and energy, wouldn’t you do something about it?  To become independent of this tyrant does not take external weapons, nor lives. You can take a different approach.

This approach is smarter than a war.  It takes courage, firm intention and sticktoitiveness to notice when your critic attacks. When feeling tired and stressed, if you take a moment to feel the tension in your body and take a conscious breath, you will hear the voice or the tyrant clearly.  Becoming aware of what the voice says is the first of a 3 step process that works.  

It’s often the most difficult step because the tyrant can bring up all kind of criticisms,  uninterrupted, one after another like an express train. When you stop it on its track, you can neutralize it with awareness, the first step to regain your Independence.   

I’m passionate about helping my clients with tools and techniques that create independence from criticism.

We can gain peace dealing with each thought of anger, worry, resentment, failure, shame, and guilt.

I suggest you celebrate your independence from each thought and feeling that disturbs your peace. Can you imagine how light and happy you would be, free of your inner critics?  You might not even need an outer celebration! Your body has its own celebration.

Every time you complete with a disturbing thought you connect to the real power that is hidden that. Then you no longer reacting to life, you embrace it and take appropriate action. You are free.

Happy Independence Day!

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