Loving yourself brings confidence

Celebrating Independence From Your Inner Critic?

I’m glad we became an independent country and I’m grateful to those who gave their lives. Wouldn’t it be great if we could piggyback on this celebration the joy of becoming independent from your critical voice who is robbing your energy by criticizing you mercilessly if you are not the […]

Loving Relationship

Love is not a Myth

Many believe in myths about romantic love. The first one is that your mate will make you happy. Lots of websites are promising everything you are looking for down to looks, financial status, etc.   ”I’m looking for someone to make me happy”, read an ad from a woman.  Can someone […]

The Tantric Feminine Breath – The Ocean Breath

Tantra is an ancient art of conscious and ecstatic living. There are many great insights and perspectives into Tantra that can further your understanding like Rose Surnow’s article on Cosmopolitan – How to Have Tantric Sex.  I love helping people build passionate fulfilling relationships and sharing my knowledge on Tantra […]