Have you tried all most popular dating sites?

Do you feel hopeless about finding someone who honestly describes him or herself?

Are you are tired of going on dates with people who do not reveal their truth?


You  know what you want – to attract a great partner to share your life with someone honest, loving, and dependable. But it just never feels right. What is going wrong?

It’s not your fault!  In my years of helping people who have a difficult time finding a great partner, I’ve discovered that so often, it may be because you are not aware of your own amazing gifts. Something in your past has rocked your self-esteem. Maybe someone important in your life said something cruel to you in a moment of weakness, and you absorbed it and made it “your truth”. And now, deep down, you feel you are not worthy of a truly amazing partner. BUT YOU ARE!

I have many successful single clients who struggled to find success in love before working with me. Once they cleared their path of those old patterns that were holding them back, they were able to focus on what they wanted most in a relationship, and to be present to the amazing gifts they already had to offer. Together, we moved them forward to their goal of a satisfying, fulfilling relationship with a partner who matched their commitment and affection.

I can do the same for you.

For instance, when I met Jennifer, a beautiful and smart woman in her 40s, I was stunned when she revealed to me that she believed she was ugly and stupid.  She had been focusing for so long on what her father had told her back when she was 16!  Her whole life she could not find a worthwhile partner because she was only focusing on what was wrong with her and could not see her greatness.

She kept taking courses to learn more so she could feel smarter, and tried all sorts of expensive treatments for her skin in order to appear more beautiful.  She didn’t need any of that – she was already intelligent and lovely. To me it was obvious that what was missing for her wasn’t any external quick fix – she just needed to look at her inner state.

Within a few weeks working with me, she started realizing that she was smart and beautiful. She also discovered that she had hidden desires she’d never expressed, to anyone, even herself!  With this new knowledge of herself, she magnetized  a great partner who approached her – a man already working in the same company she worked for.  She did not even have to search for him!

Are you creating obstacles for yourself, standing in the way of attracting the great partner you want?

Another of my clients, George, had gone through a nasty divorce and was looking for someone who was the opposite of his ex-wife.  She had taken advantage of his “goodness and wealth” and did not care for him at all.

After trying for years without success to find the right woman, he came to see me.  It was clear that he had projected the hateful qualities of his wife onto every women he met after his bad relationship. He was never able to find the right women, because every woman started to look like her. His inner turmoil was spilling out and blinding him to the real possibilities for new love right in front of him.

We did some work together to help heal those old wounds so he was approaching the world from a clear space.  He learned techniques to protect himself from repeating the same painful experience and open up to the reality that most women are not takers, and that he is a already winner. He started appreciating his own spontaneity and  passion, and looking for that in the women he was dating.

Within 3 months he found the women he had always wanted to be with.

Are you letting the critical voice in your head blind you to love right around the corner?

Liking yourself at a deep level is a pre-requisite to finding the right partner. My work is aimed at  helping  clients find their hidden treasures and learn how to honor themselves.  It is not about creating a cover up story that sounds good, but learning to take stock of who you really are, a divine being having a human experience. When you open up to that knowledge inside yourself, that being shines through to the outside world as well, and that is the most important  step to attracting a great partner to you.

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