“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening.  What a loving way to celebrate my 50th!  I have to say that you are extremely skilled in relaxing defenses and getting us to so readily shed our armour, and look deeply into each others souls! You reminded me that our sexuality is natural and it is a joyful, giving and loving thing to share.  I was able to say things that were on my mind about receiving and giving pleasure and was able to listen to my husband better.
     Last night we lay in bed  with him spooning me and reverted to our real selves.  We gently made love that way; without pressure and just enjoying being connected.
     I feel we learnt so much with you.  I look forward to  our natural ease with one another continuing with whatever energy we may have at the time. Intimacy doesn’t have to be an all or nothing, super physical exerting act. Thank you again, and bless you. “