Carla Tara is a relationship coach based in New York


Carla Tara’s Vision of Relationship Coaching

I care about people, and want everyone to be happy, prosperous, creative and fulfilled. I love bringing back the spark in long-term relationships. 

As a relationship coach, I work with people to identify resistances and blocks, and to harness their power and use the revived energy for deeper love and enriched relationships. 

I work with you to become more aware of your Real Self.  You will be increasingly able to update your disempowering beliefs and focus your freed up energy on what best serves your life. You will then have more to better enrich and contribute to others.

Carla’s Unique Approach to Relationship Coaching

After 30 years of teaching Tantra one to one and in workshops,

I’ve learned so much about people that

I’ve decided to include in my coaching those of you

who are not open to the Tantric approach.


Although Tantra is the fastest way to transform, many are not open to this ancient esoteric approach, and would rather use the more common approach, such as relationship or life coaching. 

My intention is to offer my services to more people. 

Helping people gives me the juice to continue. 

Helping one of you also helps the people close to you and those will influence others.  

I love to be part of the “Flowering” of Consciousness that is happening.  

Coaching is part of Tantra and, if appropriate, I will use some Tantric tools, such as setting your intention and breathing techniques.

I continued to study different approaches, such as Body Centered Psychotherapy, Gestalt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Compassionate Communication and TCM Transformational coaching. I’m also completed a Mastery program in Strategic Intervention.

My coaching will help you get clarity if you are confused, and open you to attract and the best in life.

Together, we will find a personalized plan to move you forward on your unique path to creating the life you deeply desire. 

I’m excited to be able to offer you the approach, or a mixture of approaches, that will fit you best. 



I coach a diverse range of clients throughout the United States, including in New York, Hawaii, Miami and in cities worldwide.  

My clients come from every walk of life –  from university professors to entrepreneurs, creative professionals, artists, attorneys, and corporate leaders.

They are able to better enrich their relationships and clear any frustrating emotional blocks.

In New York, I’ve led workshops at the Jain International Center, the Inner Light Center, the Sufi Center, the Learning Annex, the Health Expo, Onetaste, and at the New York Open Center.

I enjoy talking about relationships with a tantric approach. I’ve been featured as a Relationship Expert on and, and has appeared on radio and podcasts worldwide.

There are a few interesting projects I’m working on. Stay tuned!

Location of Services

Carla Tara is centrally located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, near Broadway and 72nd Street.

Coaching sessions can be conducted on the phone, on Skype, and in person.

Carla Tara is centrally located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, near Broadway & 72nd Street.