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Save Your Relationship from the Dangers of Pornography Save Your Relationship from the Dangers of Pornography

You know your relationship is in a danger zone when your lover prefers to watch porn videos rather than make love to you. So, what can you do about it?   Read more >>  Read More →

How To Recover From A Break-Up How To Recover From A Break-Up

Have you ever been in a relationship that you thought was going along quite well, and all of a sudden you discovered it was over?  But you just weren’t ready for it to end? One of the hardest relationship issues to overcome is wanting to hang on to a partner who no longer wants to be with you. What makes it more difficult is that when your partner... Read more >>

The Key To Intimacy – Simpler Than You Think The Key To Intimacy – Simpler Than You Think

Everyone wants to make relationships complicated and difficult. It’s the human way – we feel that something valuable and vital to our happiness must be hard to get.  But this does not have to be true for you. The  secret to creating physical and emotional connection and deepening love is very natural and very simple: pay attention to your... Read more >>

Weathering the Storm in Your Relationship Weathering the Storm in Your Relationship

Today was another rainy spring day in Maui. Usually, I feel sad when it storms, but today it occured to me what a gift that it really is. There is the clear fact that we need the rain for the earth and the plants to grow vigorously, and to clean the streets… Rain makes me feel fresh and washed clean of any bad emotions that have built up, too.... Read more >>

Amazing Kissing Techniques Amazing Kissing Techniques

We have a great surprise coming for you!  A brand new video from Carla on some amazing kissing techniques to rekindle passion & spice up your sex life. Join Carla’s email list today for exclusive access!  Read More →

Playing on the Edge Playing on the Edge

Last fall I had a striking experience as  I was walking in Central Park. The weather was mild and the trees were just starting to green. My soul was soaking in the beauty of nature and felt very peaceful even in the middle of New York City. After a meditative moment of gratefulness and peace, I felt pulled by shouts of joy toward a children’s playground... Read more >>

5 Tips to Foster Great Communication 5 Tips to Foster Great Communication

Good communication is the foundation of every great relationship. Listening and being listened to are signs of care and respect for your partner. When you feel cared for, you have more energy flowing through you, and sex is better. Tantra is based on such caring and respect for your partner. Here are some good tips: Read more >>  Read More →

Sharing Sweetness Sharing Sweetness

February is the season for romance.  But not everyone’s relationship is as hot & sexy as they would like. Have you experienced a decline in your romance lately? Or perhaps you have gone some time without that “spark” you felt when you first met your lover? Read more >>  Read More →

Real Listening Feeds Eros Real Listening Feeds Eros

When I work with couples who are resistant to healing their relationship and who no longer feel the kind of  sensuality they felt when they met, it is often due to their lack of listening. It’s very common in long-term relationships. Tantra says that newness is the preferred food for Eros.  Eros dies when habits come in. But when you have been... Read more >>

Ecstasy Is Natural Ecstasy Is Natural

“Ecstasy is our very nature, not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That’s why you look so tired, because misery is real hard work; to maintain it is really difficult, because you are doing something against the nature. You... Read more >>

Does Size Matter? Does Size Matter?

It’s an age-old question, isn’t it? Marketers use it to sell magazines to women, and pills and pumps to men. It’s endlessly debated on talk shows, and people flood call-ins with their opinion. Do not fall for the scams and the noise! I think penis size matters only when your self-esteem is low, when you actually don’t know how... Read more >>

When Vulnerability = Strength When Vulnerability = Strength

We’re now in the depths of winter, and the easygoing open way we commune with nature and each other in the warmth of summer may feel like a distant memory. In the winter, we become more introspective. We communicate more with ourselves – inside our heads and our hearts. Introspection is good. We need time to tune into ourselves to see... Read more >>

Deeper Love – Allow Yourself to Be Imperfect Deeper Love – Allow Yourself to Be Imperfect

How do you keep your relationship afloat and moving toward the destination of deep love and union? By staying conscious as you are gliding through the high waters of life. Are you conscious of when you start holding back emotional truths and thus clouding the clarity of consciousness? Clouding the clarity is only the beginning of the damage you do to... Read more >>

Tips for Eating Right and Living Well Tips for Eating Right and Living Well

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to start exercising more, or get on a new diet? Here are some Tantra tips on diet, nutrition, and living right to develop your sexual attractiveness, and increase your energy. Read more >>  Read More →

The Ocean Breath The Ocean Breath

This amazing breathing technique brings you renewed energy and promotes full-body relaxation. I’ve written an ebook to explain the technique, and have created a companion audiobook to guide you through a meditation using Ocean Breath to focus your mind and release tension.  They are now on sale through December 31st. Read more and get your copies... Read more >>

The Gift of Self-Respect The Gift of Self-Respect

It’s Christmas time—a time when most people are opening their pocket books and their hearts to give presents to the people they love. It’s heartwarming. Even I, who believe that a present should be given any time you feel so inclined and not at a specific date, feel the spirit of giving more than usual. Today, I noticed myself humming tunes... Read more >>

Gentle Sexiness Before Bed Gentle Sexiness Before Bed

Falling asleep in pleasure opens the body/mind/emotions to healing. Healing means becoming whole. Healing happens when we are in pleasure. When we connect with ourselves or with our lover in pleasure, we integrate the sometimes incomplete, unfinished experience with our higher mind. When that integration happens, the knowledge of what we have learned... Read more >>

The Art of Ecstatic Love and Deep Connection The Art of Ecstatic Love and Deep Connection

Tantra is the art and science of living consciously and joyously. It teaches to fully accept and expand sexual pleasure as a gift, and to celebrate it to go deeper into love. Most people’s perception of Tantra is limited to controlling sex so you can have it for hours and hours in strange positions. Tantra is much more than that. It includes 64 arts... Read more >>

Effortless Orgasms Are Possible Effortless Orgasms Are Possible

I recently started working with a great looking woman who first came in my door so stressed that she could not sit still without constantly re-arranging her body. That first day, her eyes were speedily moving around in hypervigilance. She could not finish one sentence in the rush to get to the next. What she said came from a rehearsed circular thinking... Read more >>

Losing Your Home Without Losing Your Relationship Losing Your Home Without Losing Your Relationship

If you check on, you can see how many houses are in pre-foreclosure in your neighborhood. I checked my own neighborhood recently, and was shocked to see that just in the area with my zip code, there are 1,120 houses in pre-foreclosure. It’s scary. I understand the trauma that you experience when you lose your house. You have identified... Read more >>